For all those areas where several steps are required or for safe onward transport as either disposable, circulating or multi-way trays.

Technical design:

  • stackable or A / B stacking
  • robot suitable
  • rounded corners
  • dividers as insertion aid for better stability
  • lowered rim for better stability and design
  • handles for easier removal
  • customer logo and/or part number display possible
  • undercuts
  • folding frame
  • ESD version

Areas of application:

  • as a circulation tray in the automotive industry
  • as a disposable or multi-path tray for optical devices, electronic components

Why you should choose TECHNOFLEX technical transport trays:

  • Due to 180° stacking, less shipping and storage volume
  • Exact adaptation to your product
  • Optimal protection for your product during transport
  • Circulation / multipath trays are reusable
  • Automatic production capability
  • Ideal for storage, stacking, feeding and positioning
TECHNOFLEX Verpackungen technische-Transporttrays