Material sealed blister / blister: APET, PET GAG, PS or PVC
Material version: sealable on cardboard or plastic, printable

Material suspension cards / sliding blister: PVC, APET, PETG, PET, GAG or PP, cardboard solid board

Material folding blister: APET, PET GAG, PS or PVC
Material version: food safe, sealable, printable

Technical version sealed blister / blister:

  • possible incl. Euro-perforation
  • Stand possible
  • Pressure locks possible
  • Interchangeable inserts possible

Why you should choose blisters from TECHNOFLEX:
The printing of product or image information on the cardboard is possible.
A special welding makes the sales packaging tear-proof and therefore an ideal packaging to present your product on display or hanging packaging.

Technical version Hanging cards / sliding blister:

  • cutting possible with Euro-perforation
  • folded on 2 or 3 sides

Why you should choose TECHNOFLEX suspension cards / sliding blanks:

  • individual design options
  • area for advertising and product information
  • card system for shelf sales area

Technical version folding blister:

  • Euro-perforation possible
  • stoppers for reclosability
  • hinged hinge for reclosability
  • stackable
  • opening tabs for easier handling
  • customer logo can be attached
  • middle section for exact positioning
  • cividers as insertion aid or for better stability

Why you should choose TECHNOFLEX folding blister:

  • Due to the all around transparency, it is the ideal packaging to present your product as a display or hanging packaging
  • This packaging has been specially designed for sale – it is resealable with lock nubs
  • Tear-proof and dust-tight due to special welding
  • The product can be positioned precisely and is clearly visible to the customer
  • If you use a middle section, you can present even more products
  • Insert possible of visible informationational materials
TECHNOFLEX Verpackungen Blister